Colour Grading

When we got our footage into Avid we initially panicked at this was the first time we had seen the underwater footage. The footage was slightly grainy and the lighting didn’t really show well on Leona’s face, as a result a lot of the footage from one camera was quite dark. This made colour grading in Davinci a challenge. We wanted the colours of her tail and bikini top to really stand out, otherwise the film would look extremely dull.

I researched a little bit more about this, it was very interesting and it was certainly helpful.

Why Is It Difficult?

“The main issue with grading underwater footage is that there is so many more variables.Water greatly reduces contrast depending on how close to the camera your subject is and depending on natural light fall of (depending on depth) contrast changes much quicker than in a normal shoot.The other area that is tricky is separation between foreground and background can be very hard as everything is obviously in a strong blue/green wash.This wash can make it very tricky to achieve the look that you are after and in this job I’m about to show you, it needed to feel both dreamy and like a beauty commercial – a hard balance for sure.”



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