Post production

A few weeks to go and editing has begun, our main issue we have noticed is that some of our underwater footage is grainy, which is hugely disappointing however we are going to try and solve this in the editing suite. One success was the huge amount of footage captured for the scenes not underwater, so many cutaways and angles to experiment with that it makes post production much less stressful.
As I directed the film my aim is too assist Kirsty as much as I can so tonight I have been looking at some possible music we could use for our underwater scene. In order to reflect the themes of fantasy, magical and dreamlike world Leona will be in I really think instrumental music with features harps would work really well. The music I have found is magical and keeps it mysterious, it also reflects Leaons imagination.
Whilst in editing we did notice a huge continuity error that would effect the film. When we were filming Leona getting into the bath we wanted to ensure every take we dried her down to avoid bubbles appearing on her in a shot that was meant to be dry. In one shot that we really needed to use because it matched up perfectly her arm wiped bubbles down her dry leg before she even entered the bath. As a result this shot was unusable because of this huge error. However there is ways around it, we are able to clone the skin around the bubbles to cover them frame by frame, this is hugely time consuming. Or we are able to create several layers, rotoscope the arm out and then hide the bubbles underneath.  Both I have tried however it is slightly noticeable that something in the shot has been altered, meaning we are going to need to find an alternative or use a cutaway between the two original shots so that it doesn’t jump.
I wanted to create titles that were different and unique to the film, whilst the editor was working hard on the project I decided to start trying ideas out for myself using after effects. I followed a few tutorials on YouTube to give me some inspiration. I followed a tutorial at–ae-1687. Whereby the text appears in bubbles and the background includes light rays and bubbles glistening in the light. It was very useful however I could not make it to the last stage as it got extremely complicated however I had the scene set. From this I experimented and made the scales of our mermaid appear and shine on the text by creating a matte. This was so much better than just a black background with white titles on it. Below is screenshots of the tutorial I used and underneath is my final title.



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