Poster Development

To make more people aware of our film Reverie we wanted to create a film poster. As well as that we wanted to create a DVD Case cover for our hand in. In order to do so we wanted to plan some shots that we could use for these two mediums.  I created some rough templates off what our design could look like. Our poster is going to be very simple, bright blues and pinks and have a relaxed font. Below are a few rough designs in block form.

Picture2Picture4Poster 1Picture1

After capturing some shots on the shoot day for the poster we have experimented with a few of them to produce a landscape and portrait poster, as well as a CD cover case for our film Reverie.

We realised that we should have probably planned the shots a bit more in terms of composition as we have a lot of empty space. The landscape poster works well however there is a lot of space where something else could be, however the highlighted blue makes the tale stand out and the eye focus on that. In the fourth poster I am not as keen on the font so we will probably go with the other one as it stands out a lot more against the background. The brighter blue in my opinion does not work as well I believe it may look a bit tacky, I prefer the one with the darker filter as it looks more professional.

After a bit of experimenting we have our final CD cover and our final poster for our short film Reverie, we are very happy with the outcome. I believe there is synergy throughout our promotion materials and all of which links to the genre off our film and will attract our audience.



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