Build up to the big day

Everything is coming together now, the narrative has been finalised and now we are at the last stages off preparation. Today I ordered all our props, which was very exciting, including the most important piece, Leona’s mermaid tale! As well as set decoration for the pool including shells, treasure chest and her special pearl necklace. We are keeping track off our budgeting and plan to spend just under £200 including the extra cost of the pool. We are filming in a pool mainly because our actress is only 9 years old and would be freezing in Vobster, we were lucky enough to have dry suits.
Filming begins on the 18th April starting with the shoot at the aquarium, then we will follow this up with a practice shoot in a local pool to ensure Leona is comfortable in the water and knows what she is doing.  After this the actual shoot will take place in a pool we hired between 7-9.30pm we are very tight on time however we have planned it well so it should go to plan. Day two we will be shooting the bedroom and bathroom scenes where Leona will submerge into her magical world.
I am currently making final touches to the script, its very nerve wracking but I have high hopes for the final film.

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