Production of Reverie


Shoot Day 1

We always was very worried about the first shoot day as it was the filming in the pool, we were under very tight time restrictions, we had to film 60% of our film in an hour and a half and that did not include setting up the cameras or setting the scene so we were panicking. We were very prepared, creating a detailed shot list and we prioritised what we wanted to film  first  just in case we did run out of time. So that our little actress was confident when wearing the tale I spent the first 10 minutes working with her whilst the others set the props and cameras up. There was a few things we did not take into account such as what props are going to sink and what are going to start floating with a little movement. Our main issue which took up a lot of time was the treasure chest, whilst the mermaid was trying to open it, it started to float up as it was not heavy enough. As a result this had to be shot a few times and did take up more time than it should have. As well as that when Leona needed to swim down the tale actually filled with air, meaning that when she was down she started to float upwards, whilst focusing on not drowning acting was the least of her worries so may have affected some shots. After we did get the shots we wanted we did have some time just to get extra close ups off her face and reaction shots that would have assisted the story. Our actress did get tired and cold after a while so we wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.

One of the main issues that did affect us was our knowledge on the underwater cameras, the workshops didn’t really give us much practice meaning we spent longer than normal trying to set them up. Every now and then the cameras went out of focus causing time to be wasted. Once it was all working well we did get plentiful off cutaways off her gracefully swimming through the water and these looked perfect for our film. Turning the pool lights off meant we had to back light our actress and this made her scales sparkle on camera, making beautiful shots. When using the wide lense our camera women did accidentally capture legs in shot as well, however we decided that we can crop the shots that really would assist our story.

Shoot Day 2

In order to get as much as we can and have no time pressure we decided to start filming at 8am, all kit was set up by 9 and the actress knew what she was doing, meaning we started filming as soon as possible which was great. We filmed in chronological order, capturing each scene with 35mm, 14mm and 85mm lense, so that we had loads off options to edit with, along with that we had cutaways to fill the gaps. After scene one was filmed we moved onto scene 2 in the bathroom, where Leona enters her magical world. This scene we were restricted with space as the bathroom was slightly small however it still worked well, the bathroom was grey so we had to reflect light off the tiles, once again this created a shimmery effect on the water it looked really good. This scene flowed well apart from the very last shot whereby Leona had to sink underwater, stay there for a few seconds and then quickly get up in a panic. However water kept going up her nose making this bit difficult, after 6 takes we had to stop recording and hope we had something that was good to use. Overall shoot day 2 went very well, we allowed 10 hours to film the three scenes but we finished in 5 hours, we got more than enough footage, so it was a success. We also captured some shots for our poster and blogs using a Canon 7D.


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