The equipment we used to shoot our short film Lumix GH4. A DSLR that shoots in 4K resolution. The focus on the camera was brilliant, however we learnt it was a lot difficult to focus underwater when your goggles are slightly foggy and you have water in between you. The camera produces extremely detailed images and was great for our underwater footage. The camera housing was great, however from learning how to use the camera we realised how it is a lot harder to control the settings off the camera underwater when you have too focus on breathing.

Equipment on the shoot days

When we were filming Reverie we turned the lights off in the pool and focused back lighting Leona, the lights really worked well and made the tale glisten for the camera. We had some technical difficulties when setting up the camera as it kept going out off focus. This did delay us on the shoot day. However we made up for it on day  two of shooting, starting at 8 meant we were set up by 9 and had over 10 hours to film which was way more than enough time. As well as that we were using the Canon C300, we knew how to set these up so production on day 2 flowed very well. With regards to lighting on day two we didn’t use the standard three lights as we only really needed it to make the room a bit lighter. In the bathroom we used the tiles to reflect the light as it was painted grey and made the shots look a bit dull.


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