The Pool

The very first weekend we all had with Triton Scuba involved learning all the theory from the manual and then using what we learnt to complete the skills in the pool. It was very exciting, we set up the equipment sufficiently and then moved into the pool, where we took our first ever breath underwater. My first breath underwater was unforgettable, it feels weird because your body knows its not right but it also is amazing. In the pool we learnt how to share air, emergency decents, buoyancy control and things such as removing cramp or your mask. All of which would help us in real life situations and was very helpful. I did struggle slightly with sharing air as I hated taking the comfort of the regulator out of my mouth, causing me to panic slightly. As well as that learning to equalise was slightly difficult because I had a few ear problems. this worsened in ┬áthe lake however it was still fun. Although I have never been so cold in my life this weekend did help us pass the skills required and we then followed on to repeat it all again at the lake…

Underwater Media Diving

Once we had the weekend in the classroom we spent the evening in the pool practising what we learnt and also remembering how to actual dive. We set the cameras up on the pool side, placed them in there waterproof houses and then set our own kit up. We each took turns within the group having a go. The very first task was managing to stay buoyant and hold the camera. Once we all got the hang off that we began swimming with the camera, focusing on subjects or objects. We previously produced a shot list prior to this session so we used this opportunity to try out some off our shots. The tilt up that focused on the mermaid was slightly difficult and we kept accidentally touching the ground, which normally you would not be able to do, so we tried this out until we successfully could. We had a great time filming each other and it certainly helped us before going into the lake the following weekend. I have attached screenshots from some footage we collected that evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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