Vobster Quay

18452216_1512786585406421_1411517251_oVobster was our first proper dive, giving us the opportunity to practice what we learnt in the pool and classroom. The first weekend we mainly went through all our skills in order to pass the course. Some of these went really well, however I did panic at some stages especially the ‘share air’ skill whereby you would assist your buddy if their air ran out. I happened to be the person that ran out of air, meaning taking out my regulator, but for some reason I panicked doing this and lacked air for a good 30 seconds as the regulator fell out my hand, certainly an experience! Equalising my ears was another struggle, never experienced such pain like this, me and my buddy went down slowly equalising at every metre, eventually getting to 18 metres. After we all passed the skills and had 4 dives our last dive was free. It was a very clear day so we got the opportunity to explore Vobster, discovering wrecks, planes, boats and fish. This was a great experience and straight away I wanted to do it again.

Our second weekend at Vobster Quay was to experiment with the cameras after partaking on the media course. The water was very murky this day which was very disappointing as you couldn’t see that much too film. However this did give us a better idea on how to adjust to setting so that they were more suitable for the conditions. We managed to practice with filming bubbles, plantation, wrecks and fish. Me an my buddy did miss out on some of the shoot because she had some issues, however the day was rewarding. We didn’t go on the second day at Vobster as we weren’t filming in ┬áthe lake we were in the pool instead, however what we learned there did help our understanding of the equipment in the pool.


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