Our film has not developed too far from the original story however the changes made do benefit the narrative considerably. We have kept the same themes, escapism being the main one. When writing the story I never wanted it just to be about her wanting to turn into a mermaid, I believe using her fantasy as a form off escapism adds depth to the story, makes the audience question more, engage and feel emotional towards the character and her reasons to escape from reality. The style and form have always been the same, we want the film to be elegant, containing long soft takes with scenes that are colourful and bright reflecting a child’s imagination. I would like the film to open with Leona our protagonist admiring the fish in the aquarium, running through the tunnel. It will instantly give a little about her character away. This will then follow into a little girls bedroom and then the pool which is where her imagination will run wild. 
Below I have attached the original pitch, outlining a little more about the film. 

Film pitch

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The name ‘Reverie’ links to the main theme of the film, Reverie means to be ‘lost in ones thoughts’ or ‘to be in a fantasy or hallucination’ much like what our protagonist is in the film. The name is different and gives little away, from my research similar films were called very basic things such as ‘the mermaid’, I wanted something different and unique that also linked to her reason for wanting to become a mermaid. Some names we originally thought off were very tacky, I did not like them as they sounded unprofessional and basic, such as ‘Splash’ and ‘Tale’. 
Escapism means to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. Our protagonist Leona uses her imagination to escape the reality of her parents arguing. This film will show how some young people are effected by similar stories, the film has a deeper  meaning behind it rather than it just being about a mermaid. 
Our protagonist is going to be played by a little girl called Leona-Francis, she is 9 years old and she is a little reincarnation of everyone of us when we were little, her character will show the capability of childhood imagination. 
The way our story ends has developed a few times, originally she was going to just wake back up and be the bathtub however this was boring and predictable. This soon changed to her getting caught in net, her being trapped would connote how she is stuck in between her parents arguments, we liked this idea however it was not the safest way considering our actress is so young. We then changed the ending again where Leona finds some shiny pearls in a treasure chest underwater, as she investigates the muffling sounds off her parents begin to appear once again and her fantasy world crumbles around her. Once she is awake she notices the pearls are still in her hand. This ending is slightly more sweet, it is also safer and more connotative.
Below I have attached the script so far. 

Reverie Script

Updated scene 1 

Up until last week we originally wanted to film Leona walking through the aquarium, admiring the fish. We did manage to get in touch with Blue Reef in Portsmouth however they said we cant film on the particular day we planned because it was the Easter holidays. As a result we then made the bedroom scene slightly longer and decided that a voice over off Leona reading would work better in setting the scene. She would read a mermaid book which later turns out to be the fantasy world she ends up in, this way gave more depth to the story and was quite nice. As well as that we changed the last scene after looking at the risks involved. Originally Leona was going to wake up from her world because she got caught on the net in the sea scene, this was more symbolic however quite unsafe. So I decided that the muffling voices off her parents arguing can emerge in the background, gradually making her fantasy disappear, once again exposing her reality. 

Risk Assessments





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