Dive Theory

Before we could get into the water we had to learn the theory behind diving, as we learnt it can be a dangerous sport if you don’t know what you are doing. Be79180Mfore our first day with Triton Scuba we had to all revise the open water diver Manual, at first this seemed like a painful task, however I genuinely found this very interesting. It covered the scientific factors off diving, the equipment, methods, health and safety as well as the environment. All of which gave me detailed information on the do’s and dont’s meaning that on the day of the test at Triton I done very well.

When we first arrived at Triton we were introduced to Mark who was our instructor for the theory and practical weekends, he introduced the course and his role and then we went through the manuals. We each completed the test and went through any questions that were answered incorrect. I found this very helpful as I struggled understanding how to plan the dive, having it explained by Mark certainly helped me feel more confident when it come to the weekend at Lobster.

The first theory weekend covered the skills that we would need to successfully complete in order to get our open water qualification, such as buoyancy control, mask removal and replace, capturing lost regulators, giving or receiving air in emergencies as well as emergency descents. The training certainly made me feel more confident and safe when it come to learning the skills in the pool, I certainly recommend making sure you feel comfortable before entering the pool otherwise it will not be as enjoyable as it could be.

Camera Theory

I personally found learning the camera theory part of this course a little more difficult, possibly because there was no manual too over revise and stress about it was more hands on and a case off trial and error within the classroom. For this part of the course David was our instructor, he runs the courses and was incredibly knowledgeable on anything and everything underwater. When we arrived this year everyone was glad to see each other again, it was good to be back. We went and sat down back in the classroom and David introduced himself. We were all shocked to find out about his experience, how he has sank a boat for David Attenborough to working on set with Bear Grylls, it was very interesting. At first we started to learn more about the industry itself, giving us more knowledge on where this course could take us, I found this very useful as there was areas I wouldn’t off thought off. Throughout the day he showed us a few examples, which gave me some inspiration and ideas on what is possible, I found this very useful.

We then began to focus on the cameras, we learnt about what they do and how to use them, it was now the time to put this into practice. It was largely a case of remembering which toggles effect what setting on the camera once it was in its housing. We each had the chance to practice on the three different cameras which was useful but frustrating as I kept getting confused. However by day two off camera theory I was competent with the cameras.


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