Underwater Filming Industry

I took this opportunity to research a little more on a few companies in the underwater industry to give me a better understanding on their workflow, as this could possibly help me when it comes to shooting Reverie.

The first company I researched was NUMA, which represents a team of multi-skilled marine and underwater professionals brought together to provide a safe, reliable and economical approach to any production no matter how remote or environmentally hostile the location.

NUMA has participated in the production of documentary TV series, feature films, commercials, corporate films, and displays. They have filmed everything from large marine mammals to microscopic invertebrates.


Their understanding of the modern digital technology, formats, and resolution
requirements maximises the image quality . With in-house post-production capabilities they also reduce the miscommunication and disconnection between camera operation, file processing, and post-production.


Underwater Sets

Obviously creating an underwater set comes with more difficulties than one above, I wanted to look more into how the industry copes with different conditions, this could help me a bit more when it comes to decorating our scenes in Reverie. Many underwater shoots take place in massive tanks designed to allow actors to work safely.  Special effects rigs are specially designed to withstand the demands of being submerged in water, since many commonly used paints, solvents, and other chemicals won’t work properly when subjected to long periods of submersion.  Underwater set designers work with special materials like marine grade plywood, fiberglass, gunnite, and massive scaffolds; they create mock ups of shipwrecks, plane wrecks, reefs, and other natural-looking underwater environments to help cut costs.  We realised after our shoot that the chlorine destroyed a lot of the props be brought, such as the paint on the treasure chest and the colour of the tail. However we have now learnt by this and would research a little more into it when it comes to filming another underwater film.

It takes entire crews to work on underwater film sets of all kinds.  Directors, photographers, lighting specialists, special effects personnel, set designers, and safety divers all play important roles in capturing images for our education and entertainment.  Actors sometimes take part in underwater action sequences, however stunt doubles often play an important part in certain shots.  Computer generated imagery fills in the gaps, and before you know it, we’re watching our favorite stars perform daring underwater feats. This industry sounds so fun and interesting to join, in the future once my dive experience has increased a little more I would love to possible gain some experience in this sector. If I did ever go into this industry I believe I would get a lot of enjoyment from being a camera man on a set like this. I would be passionate about capturing beautiful images off the underwater worlds, and creating new and unconventional films.


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