There are a few films that I used as inspiration throughout this project, they all followed themes off fantasy worlds, mermaids and escapism. One film that help me craft my idea was a short of YouTube called ‘Mermaid short film’. It follows a young girl becoming a mermaid and follows her swimming around and enjoying her tale. I liked the idea off using a younger actor as I have not done this yet, and also loved the idea of the use ¬†of mermaids and fantasy worlds.

The film is very elegant, its slow pace reflects the themes and creates a magical feeling. I loved the underwater camera work on this film, the close ups keep it a mystery until the shots later reveal that she has become a mermaid. The close ups are also clever in not revealing that it is actually filmed in a pool. The use of fabric within the pool works very well and I most likely will use this idea in Reverie, it adds colour and adds perfectly to her imaginary world. I do like this film however there is not much off a story, I would like to use its concept slightly to maybe develop it into a better narrative.

Another short film on YouTube that inspired me by its use of colours was also called ‘Mermaid-Short Film’. The story was very different to what I wish mine to be like however the colours were amazing, so vivid and creative, making it more interesting and engaging. I aim to possibly experiment with the use of colours and meaning in my film, potentially making it unconventional, I want my film to stand out and not just be classed as another Mermaid film.


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